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Learning Alternatives is an exploration into education beyond schooling. By bringing alternative learning experiences to children. LA kindles a deeper enquiry into themselves and the world around them. Children from various schools in Trivandrum attend our beyond school programs to build strong foundations in their school curriculum while learning the fun way through stories, arts,science experiments, project-based learning, theatre and more. To address the specific needs of children who do not quite ‘fit in’ to our conventional educational system, LA offers individualized early learning, school-extension and home-schooling programs at our centre in Trivandrum, Kerala.

LA is an attempt to make learning joyful and personally meaningful. We seek to create an open,inclusive learning environment without the pressures of comparison and competition, where learning involves the freedom to think and discover for oneself, the joy of creating with one’s own hands and the flowering of compassion that enables one to meet the world with open arms. Our work draws inspiration from the thoughts of many great educators from around the world, especially that of Rudolf Steiner and the Waldorf movement that he started.

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Saturdays @ LA


Foundation Program | 4- 14 years| Weekends

Level 1: KG Stories, Songs, Movement, Creative Play, Art and Craft, Guided reading

Level 2: Grades 1 & 2
English through stories, theatre,poetry; Mental Math; Science Experiments; Art- Clay, Magic and more
Level 3: Grades 3 & 4

Level 4: Grades 5 to 8 Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Projects, Debate, Presentation

Early Learning Program | 3 to 5 years |

Weekdays |Inclusive program to address specific learning needs

Extended School Program | 6 to 14 years |

for children with special needs

Afterschool Program | 4 to 10 years | Weekdays |

For children with special needs – Life skills, project based learning, handwork, music,

Extra Session | 4 to 14 years |

Alternative learning methods, one-on-one coaching

Story Circle

– A story with a circle of activities weaved around it.

Reading Series

– Learning in the process of exploring a text together

Arts Workshops

– Clay, Sand sculpting, Painting, Poetry and more


– Making learning joyful, Slow parenting, Home-schooling.


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“Got a positive feedback from the faculties and staff who attended the program. They all enjoyed the
way in which you narrated the story + the beautiful songs which you sang. Probably many of us were
hearing all these type of song for the first time! Altogether , the session registered a difference in all.”

Biji C L, Dept of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, University of Kerala ( Story telling workshop for teachers)


“We attended the Story Circle at LA with our children (Thor and Loki in the city of giants).Prasanth is a
wonderful story teller. All of us enjoyed, not just the children. Prasanth took us to another land and for
sometime all of us became little children waiting to know what’s going to happen next with no boring
moments. After the story the children enacted some scenes in the story. It was fun and cute to watch
the kids perform. We look forward to attend more events like this in LA.”

Fehmida Abdul Khader (parent of Ibrahim and Yahya, LA Story Circle)


My son Naveen was undergoing for a therapy for speech delay, attention and behavioral issues in NISH.
They referred us to LA for a regular school for his improvement. At time of joining he was 2years and
10months he won’t speak and listen. By the training Naveen started speaking singing rhymes improved
his attention and behavioral issues.Thanks Prasanth and LA.

Sajith C Gokulam (parent of Naveen, LA Early Learning Program)


My son, Sai Narayanan, 3 years old, was diagnosed in NISH as having Autistic Spectrum Disorder and
Hyperactivity. He had Speech Delay and has not uttered any meaningful word. After a two month
programme in NISH, he has been attending the Learning Alternatives for the last six months. Now, he
sings nursery rhymes and his vocabulary has immensely improved. The highly informed and
compassionate teaching/learning programme adopted in LA is very effective in his case. I am grateful to
LA and the benevolent persons behind this initiative.

Ramaswamy S Iyer (parent of Sai Narayanan, LA Early Learning Program)


I found LA foundation program level 1 as very much appropriate for my 4+ years kids. Inspite of the fact
that they are engaged in a creative way for 3 hours, I find there is a tremendous improvement in their
attitude, communication, social skills and creative plays. They have developed an aptitude for reading
and telling stories, reciting rhymes and imaginative plays. My children love to attend the classes and
they enjoy their outdoor activities.

Deepa Balan (parent of Dilshad and Dishita, LA Foundation Program)


The search to enroll my son for extra curricular activities, not only to keep him away from electronic
gadgets but also that will excite and benefit him lead me to Learning Alternatives. Here they believe in
developing creative, social and other capabilities important for the holistic growth of a child. Kids love
the fun way of learning through stories. Individual attention is given to each kid. My child has shown
improvement in listening, speaking and thinking skills. I am pleased to have found the right place for my

Rajitha Sandeep (parent of Nihal, LA Foundation Program)


“I found LA programs interesting and indulging as both my kids enjoy it to the fullest.my kids wait
eagerly for the weekends so that they can attend the la foundation program level 1 for the younger one
and la foundation program level 2 for the elder one.they themselves consider it as English tuitions which
they never want to miss at any cost.its very child friendly as well.and it opens the wide world of
imagination and exploration through reading and enactment and role play.”

Amritha Vinil (parent of Vaibhav and Vasisht, LA Foundation Program)


Gopi Krishnan, our son will come home after each class and give us a demonstration of everything that
took place on LA class. And we also enjoyed the sessions were LA includes the parents.
in the new program which started one month back called the PBL or project based learning, my son
learnt to make a map. It was so exciting. I wished I was small to join the class too. Wish I was able to
learn through projects than by hearting in school myself.

Dr Prathibha S Nair (parent of Gopi Krishnan, LA Foundation and Afterschool programs)


“After joining LA, my daughter has become more creative. Her communication has improved
significantly. She has developed the habit of reading and she is also able to articulate in her own way
what she has read. She was able to clearly understand the concepts of basic arithmetic operations
through stories, songs, games and activities. Over and above all, she has made friends with her
classmates in LA and they find some time for outdoor games which helps her physically as well. “


Prabodh Mohandas (parent of Niharika, LA Foundation Program)







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